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Ensemble Vivaldi e I Musici veneti

    The Ensemble Vivaldi and the Musici Veneti of I Solisti Veneti are chamber groups consisting of the most popular solo artists of I Solisti Veneti, the orchestral group founded in 1959 by Claudio Scimone. This group has become world wide famous: it has performed in more than 5,500 concerts and has recorded more than 350 CDs, LPs, DVDs. Moreover, it has taken part into the most renowned International Festivals (more than 30 concerts at the Salzburg Festival) and it has organised many publishing, cultural and promotional initiatives.
    They play without any conductor or with Claudio Scimone at the harpsichord and they dedicate their activity to a very interesting repertoire, which often includes works by some of the greatest names of the music literature. Sometimes, they even perform rare pieces that are normally hardly ever performed because of the rarity of the instruments required. Together with highly famous pages - as Mozart Serenades, Rossini Sonatas, Tartini "Devil's Trill Sonata", or Vivaldi or Marcello Concerts - we can find in the repertoire of I Musici Veneti, Galuppi Concerts for harpsichord, Vivaldi Concerts for 5 for flute, oboe, violin, bassoon and continuo, the Concerts for flute by Salieri and Galuppi, a wide variety of beautiful pages for the viola d'amore, Strauss Walzers in Schnberg's transcriptions, as well as the most diverse works of an almost endless literature. While Ensemble Vivaldi focuses its activity mostly on the baroque repertoire, without however neglecting the following periods, I Musici Veneti concentrate largely on the classical and romantic periods, nonetheless, never renouncing to the Venetian repertoire of the golden age.
    The Ensemble Vivaldi and I Musici Veneti have both played hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad and have recorded tracks for the most important radio stations and televisions, always obtaining an enormous success among the public and the critics. Often, they are invited to play during important public celebrations or during official visits of highly representative personalities, such as the King of Jordan, the Presidents of Austria and of the People's Republic of China, the Prince of Wales and the highest authorities of the Italian Republic.


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